Sardinia Travel 101: Barbàgia: What to Expect

What to expect when you take a vacation in Sardinia? So starts our series of photo essays, this one in the Barbagia region in Nuoro province during Autunno in Barbagia, a fall festival celebrating everything born of the hardscrabble life in the Sardinian mountains, the spiritual center of the island.

sardinian musicians pictureThere will be music

musicians waiting pictureThere will be drums and waiting

sardinian knivesThere will be Sardinian Knives, hand made of course.

pasta shapes pictureThere will be pasta shapes you've probably never seen

sardinian masks pictureThere will be masks and there will be meat

sardinian shepherd picturesThere will be proud old men

women making bread pictureThere will be women making bread in dark rooms

sardinian bread pictureAnd oh, what bread they will make!

sardinian children pictureAnd there will be another generation, too.

Sardinia Travel 101: Barbàgia: What to Expect originally appeared on Apr 26, 2015, © James Martin


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