Wandering Sardinia

November is the time to eat Orziadas in a variety of ways in Sardinia, especially on the coast between Cagliari and Oristano.

Ever Try Orziadas? It's Fried Sea Anemone Time!

Updated Jan 24, 2019

What do you miss when you only travel to Italy during the warm summer months? Well, lots of seasonal foods, that’s what. Take Orziadas, for example, Sea Anemone we might call them, specifically Anemonia sulcata. This is their time. To be eaten I mean.

Here’s how you can have them, according to Orziadas, il sapore del mare

  • fried
  • Spaghetti with orziadas and bottarga di muggine, gray mullet roe
  • Pizza with orziadas (with bottarga or sea urchins)
  • Crostini with a cream of orziadas
  • Spaghetti with orziadas and cherry tomatoes

You’re more likely to find them along the coast between Cagliari and Oristano, as they are found in the waters around Oristano.

And just in case you wanted to learn about the life of Anemonia sulcata related in French (it’s your lucky, multicultural day!) look down below:

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