Montessu Necropolis

montessu petroglyphsMontessu Pitroglyphs

About 2 kilometers north of the town of Villaperuccio in the southwestern section of Sardinia you’ll find the well-maintained Prehistoric Necropolis of Montessu. We had an interesting exploration of the area recently with guide Paola Loi, my partner in Sardinia Inside Out, who is shown inside one of the “domus de janas” or Neolithic cave tombs (witches houses).

cave tomb picture

montessu tomb entranceDiscovered in the 1970’s, the tombs are spread out over the southern slopes of Sa Pranedda in a natural amphitheater which offers fabulous views of the countryside. Various excavations have been carried out and the dates of the tombs range from the Recent Neolithic (3400-2800 BC) through the early bronze age.

Shepherds have re-used the caves until modern times.

There are some petroglyphs in the tombs (shown in the picture).

The Archaeological Civic Museum of Santadi contains the artifacts unearthed during the various excavations taken on over the years.

There is a small bar/museum/souvenir shop next to a large parking lot where you’ll buy your tickets and head up the hill (where there is very limited space for cars).

For more, see the Montessu Archaeological Area web site.

Montessu Necropolis originally appeared on May 03, 2013, © James Martin


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