Wandering Sardinia

Canadian Olympic Swimmers Train in Sardinia

Updated Feb 09, 2019

This just in: of all the spots you can go for that last minute Olympic training and acclimation, the Canadian Swim Team takes the prize.

As the Canuck athletes wrapped up the Canada Cup in Montreal over the weekend, they now immediately head off to the small city of Olbia on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. There, the Geovillage Sport & Wellness Center is one of Europe’s best-kept-training secrets. The complex features a 10-lane, 50-meter pool, with additional 25-meter and 20-meter training pools. ~ Canadians Head to Pre-Olympic Training Camp in Sardinia

The Geovillage Sport & Welness Center is one of those enormous sporting complexes you occasionally see on the outskirts of town in Italy. The team went for the “10-lane, 50-meter pool” because it’s the swimming team and they fit in it, but the place also has “sensory showers.” I had to google that. Wow.

Imagine, if you will, a shower that does everything, having nozzles in places you never imagined there’d be nozzles. On one I found you can set that bugger to give you “Tropical rain with Maracuja (passion fruit) scents with orange and red light therapy.” Imagine.

Yes, imagine all this watery lux and then imagine a wooden bucket full of icy water hanging over you so that you can pull a rope and it drenches you. Doesn’t the very idea transport you to a new reference frame? Let’s call it doccia povera. It’s (evidently) all part of the Inviion Sensory Shower. Good for inviion for remembering the 99%.

And, I might add after 5 summers of archaeology in Sardinia, we had sensory showers in Bauladu too. We configured a big bladder of sun-warmed water hanging over a grape arbor so you could dribble water on your dig-ravaged body and eat grapes at the same time.

Sensory shower indeed! And at the time we didn’t even realize how sensory they were.

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