Zippoli - Carnevale Sweets of Oristano

zippoliZippoli in Oristano, Sardinia

Pictured above is the Oristano version of Zippoli, on display during the carnevale festival of Sartiglia. Yes, they look like fried donuts, and in some ways they are like doughnuts pushed through a funnel into the hot fat. But there are important differences.

Like brandy or l’acquavite. And eggs. The dough has both. If you want to see a recipe with more pictures, see the interesting Le zippole di Carnevale, di Oristano from the Fare I Turisti a Oristano blog. And don’t worry, you can machine translate the contents if you want, using the drop down box on the upper right. It works surprisingly well.

Zippoli - Carnevale Sweets of Oristano originally appeared on Jun 07, 2011, © James Martin


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