About Wandering Sardinia

Wandering Sardinia is a travel guide to the island of Sardinia. It doesn’t not focus on Sardinia’s vaunted beaches, but on the interior, where the culture has thrived for millennia, away from marauding pirates and rich people in yachts.

James Martin is a writer and photographer who has worked in Sardinia as an archaeologist; he spent 2 summers surveying the Nuraghi on the island and three years excavating the Nuragic village around Nuraghe Santa Barbara in Bauladu. He drew pottery, cooked, and shopped for the crew’s dinner while he was on the island.

He has observed many of Sardinia’s major festivals, including Sa Sartiglia in Oristano and L’Ardia di San Costantino in Sedilo, his two favorite festivals in the world.

James writes for Wandering Italy and Just Go Italy. His wife Martha, also a travel journalist, writes for Martha’s Italy. He is also shaping the Sardinia information on Bindu Trips: Sardinia

You can learn about some of the other things I’m doing these days in my Google Profile James Martin.

Sartiglia, at the Parade

If you are in Sardinia at Carnevale time, don’t miss Sartiglia in Oristano.

Sartiglia Parade

About Wandering Sardinia originally appeared on wanderingsardinia.com May 02, 2011, © James Martin



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